Here are some pictures of some of the lures and misc. items
I've run across in the time I've been collecting. 
Note* Most of these items do not belong to me and are not for sale.  

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card1.JPG (126708 bytes)

A very old Post Card that
has a pic of Heddon 4hk
Slope Nose!


rbofrbeetle.jpg (14007 bytes)
CCBCo. Beetle in Rainbow Fire
5hkccbc.jpg (16510 bytes)
CCBCo. 5hk underwater swimming minnow in rainbow
killer.jpg (26640 bytes)
Heddon Killer
w/original picture box
nh1.jpg (36576 bytes)
And more misc.boxed lures
album1.jpg (44665 bytes)
South Bend Baby
Woodpecker NIB
zara.jpg (11789 bytes)
Yellow Spotted Darting Zara with GE's


redisc.jpg (30770 bytes)
Pflueger Neverfail

pnkseed.jpg (13645 bytes)
9630 Punkinseed

ideal.jpg (39980 bytes)
Ideal Split Shot
Master Box

2.jpg (52427 bytes)
Beetle Collection

burjerexp.jpg (21815 bytes)
Burgess Bait
Jersey Expert

150frgscl.jpg (18519 bytes)
Frog Scale
Heddon 150

Nchnnl.jpg (19166 bytes)
North Channel

3.jpg (21200 bytes)
Michigan Lifelike

10.jpg (42469 bytes)
Misc. boxed lures

12.jpg (20136 bytes)
Artistic Minnow

shake3.jpg (57344 bytes)
Shakespeare minnows with their picture boxes

reyhu.jpg (10425 bytes)
Barracuda Reyhu

metshak.jpg (12735 bytes)
Shakespeare Metalized Minnow

natscl.jpg (12275 bytes)
Heddon 700 in
Natural Scale

8.jpg (34350 bytes)
Electric Glow
Casting Bait

hosmer.jpg (26222 bytes)
The "Hos"


welsh.jpg (14700 bytes)
Welsh & Graves Glass Minnow Tube

zuck.jpg (31561 bytes)
Zuckweiler Weedless Trolling Hook

donaly.jpg (27838 bytes)
More misc. boxed lures

rhdsbox.jpg (13692 bytes)
Rhodes Mechanical Frog Box

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