Black Shore Minnow

My black shore minnow collection is not limited to Heddon. I've found quite a few baits in this color and I guarantee you, "Its lots of fun!"

Do you have any that I don't? 

Let me know if they are for sale or trade.

Vamp collection:
1.  R/H black shore spook
2.  Wood with tack washer eyes
3.  Spook with clear plastic lip
4.  Standard model
5.  Standard model marked
xbwvamps.jpg (55802 bytes)
Heddon nose-tie Zara and a
Paw-Paw shiner minnow
xbw19.jpg (28927 bytes)
Tiny Spook new in box
marked 310 XBW.
xbw15.jpg (34325 bytes)
Wee-tad, Magnum Torpedo,
and a tack/washer eye Lucky 13
xbw14.JPG (36802 bytes)
Heddon No-Snag River Runts.
Notice the different hook guards.
xbw13.jpg (75366 bytes)
Tadpolly spook, Drop Zara,
Baby Chugger,
and a Zara Puppy
xbw12.jpg (58058 bytes)
Spinno minno,
Heddon Bass Bug spook,
and a Brooks Refer
xbw11.JPG (73720 bytes)
9100 Spooks in glass eye
and painted eye versions
xbw10.jpg (29465 bytes)
Runts and a Vamp Spook xbw1.jpg (69372 bytes)
Fidget, Wilder-Dilg,
and Spin fin
xbw2.jpg (39715 bytes)
Stingaree's and
Tadpolly spooks
xbw3.jpg (41785 bytes)
Torpedo's and a Zara spook xbw4.jpg (59871 bytes)
Punkinseed spooks xbw5.jpg (38891 bytes)
Lucky 13's xbw6.jpg (32444 bytes)
Jr. and Tiny Chuggars xbw8.jpg (51007 bytes)
Crazy Crawlers xbw9.jpg (35867 bytes)
Misc. lures in Black
Shore Minnow
xbw7.jpg (67156 bytes)

red_tri2.gif (565 bytes) Here is a list of some of the lures I need in
Black Shore Minnow (not in any particular order)

110 GE River Runt

Jointed Vamp spook

Darting Zara Spook

River Runtie spook (fly rod size)

Zara II

Crazy Crawlers

Kingfish Vamp spook

Tiny Go-Deeper Runt

Magnum Tadpolly

etc., etc., etc.


If you have any questions or comments, 
please send E-Mail to

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