Casting Weights

If you have one that I don't, please let me know if 
you would like to sell it.

cw1.jpg (23296 bytes)
Here is a Western Auto and three 
Creek Chub casting weights.


cw2.jpg (25650 bytes)
Here are four Shakespeare 
casting weights.


cw3.jpg (33910 bytes)
Here are a few miscellaneous
casting weights to include some
Varmac's, Tony Acetta's, 
and South Bend's.


cw4.jpg (28723 bytes)
A couple of Heddon's.
I still need a wood example
such as a red one with a fish 
decal in the shape of a Heddon
lure, or a solid white one.


cw5.jpg (30044 bytes)
Here are more miscellaneous
casting weights to include Pflueger's,
Abu's, Dam, and True Temper.


cw6.jpg (29868 bytes)
Here's more to include 
P&K's, and Weber's.


cw7.jpg (23446 bytes)
Here is a Pflueger
Tournament 5/8 oz.
Official casting weight.
This one is pretty tough.


dunks.jpg (21239 bytes)
This is probably my 
toughest casting weight.  
It is a 5/8oz. Dunk's
in yellow/green.


sbcastwt1.JPG (33422 bytes) sbcastwt2.JPG (23220 bytes)

Here is a South Bend casting
weight in the red/white arrowhead
finish.  Marked "South Bend 5/8 oz."


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