The EXPERT Wooden Minnows
This page will show you several examples of
Expert Wooden Minnows, Expert boxes,
paperwork from a Woods Expert box, and some
old Magazine Advertisements.

Help add some Expert's to my collection by Holzwarth, Woods, Clark, and Keeling...Thanks.

The "Expert" Wooden Minnows
Click on the image to enlarge.

Woods 3 hook Expert used in the patent drawing for the Type I detachable hook

patentlure.jpg (61213 bytes)patentdrawing.jpg (21551 bytes)

Woods flat sided 3 hook Expert

woodsflatsidege3hk.jpg (53405 bytes)woodsflatsidebottom.jpg (50423 bytes)

Keeling no-eye 3 hook Expert in 
red head/white

keelingredwhite3hk.jpg (49638 bytes)

Clark Expert in rare "Baby" size

babyclark.JPG (51879 bytes)

Keeling 3 hook Musky Expert

muskykeeling.jpg (29527 bytes)

Holzwarth 5 hook Expert

Holzwarth Expert with an original wood box

Woods 5 hook round Expert

Round Woods Expert, green back, aluminum belly
3hk Clark Expert
Solid Aluminum with red gill marks "The Expert" in red
Aluminum colored Clark Expert stamped 'The "EXPERT"' in red
5hk Woods Expert
Green back, silver belly, blunt props
Woods 5hk Expert with blunt props in green back, aluminum belly

5hk Clark Expert in Perch

Clark 5hk Expert in Perch

3hk Clark Expert
Green back, red sides, silver belly

Clark 3hk Expert

Round Clark Expert
Green back, red sides, silver belly

Clark 5hk round Expert

No-eye Round Keeling

No-eyed round Keeling 3hk Expert

5hk Woods Expert
Green back, silver belly

5hk Woods Expert with pointed props

5hk Clark Expert
White with red gill marks

Clark 5h Expert in tuff solid white with red gills
Clark bodied transitional
Keeling Expert
Transitional cup-rigged Keeling Expert
Round Clark Expert with original box

Round Clark Expert with large detachable double hooks

5hk Clark Expert
Green back, silver belly

Clark 5hk Expert in green back, aluminum belly

5hk Keeling Expert
Like I said...any cond. considered!

Keeling Expert with no paint and missing two hooks.  I'll buy them in any condition!


The EXPERT Wooden Minnow boxes

holzbox.jpg (37852 bytes)

J. C. Holzwarth
Wood box

woodsbox.jpg (77854 bytes)
1905 F.C. Woods
Wood box
clrkbox.jpg (30191 bytes)

1907 J. L. Clark
Maroon Cardboard box


Woods Expert Paperwork
These pics are pretty large and may take a while to load

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